Depreciation (2)




Falcon Fixed Asset is an application that can provide features for storing company asset data and calculating the depreciation value periodically. Falcon Fixed Asset is used to calculate the depreciation cost of fixed assets both commercial and fiscal. Falcon Fixed Asset has the ability to track assets starting from Site, Building, Room, Department and Line.

Falcon Fixed Asset has a Double Depreciation Method facility where this facility allows a company to enter 2 methods into 1 asset so that at the same time the value of commercial and fiscal depreciation can be immediately known.


Features found in Falcon Fixed Asset :

1 . Multi Company
2. Commercial Depreciation
3. Fiscal Depreciation
4. Asset Auditing
5. Asset Moving
6. Asset Dispose
7. Asset Check In
8. Asset Check Out
9. Asset Maintenance
10. Contruction in Progres
11 . PDT Aplications


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